Digital signage made simple for your organization.

Increase sales

Increase sales by up to 30% and speak clearly to your customers. Studies say that digital signage also keeps customers in-store 30% longer. In an age where in-store experience factors to about 55% of customer loyalty, our service will make sure to be a beacon of information.

Upload anywhere

 We know business owners are strapped for time. Upload new content to your screens anywhere. Whether at the beach or in the breakroom, upload stunning new content in just a couple of clicks. Set length shown and expiration dates for content.


Don't overpay for essential services. Our digital signage is free for you. Eliminate expensive print shops and invest the money saved back into your business. Just purchase an Amazon Fire Stick and download our app on the app store.

Simple Interface

Upload and Store Content

Create groups to manage content

All you need is a TV and a Fire Stick. No credit card needed. 

Click below to send us a message requesting to join us! We are currently testing features.

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