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Share something

Digital Out of Home Advertising for your event, company or product. Where you want it, when you need it. Tons of locations to match your budget and your audience. 

Post to digital displays.

On your budget.

Share your idea, company, or event on TV screens located in businesses or public locations on 3 week cycles.

Choose locations and pay per ad spot that fits your marketing budget. Don't over spend. 

To the people you want.

Hit your target audience right. Make sure your sharing to people that you want. Hyper-local, with no robots.

How it works

Upload your stunning artwork.

Select your target audience and budget in the upload process.

We will quickly review it. Then just choose your desired TV screens.

Lastly, the owner of the TV needs to approve your ad. After they do, your ad will run and reach the people you want it too.