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About Us

Brite Signal is a B2B digital signange company. We want to connect brick and mortar locations to each other using the power of digital signage.

Monetize your foot traffic through advertisements, cross-promote with local businesses and upload your own announcement to communicate with your customers. 

We know that local businesses need to work with each other to prosper, and we just made it easy.


Nishad Pasricha | Co-Founder

Nishad Pasricha currently attends Rochester Institute of Technology.  He comes from southern California and is excited to fight for the small business and help them create an unforgettable in-store experience for their customers.

Lev Stambler | Co-Founder

Lev Stambler currently attends Carnegie Mellon University. He comes from northern New Jersey. He is ready to deliver a product that will help the busy business owner manage technology for their store that will extend past their walls.